Good Reading…

Every once in a while you come across a quote that makes you draw multiple stars in the margin of the page. I love to read, and I love CS Lewis–so it’s really great when CS Lewis talks about reading!

“Good reading, therefore, though it is not essentially an affectional or moral or intellectual activity, has something in common with all three. In love we escape from our self into one other. In the moral sphere, every act of justice of charity involves putting ourselves in the other person’s place and thus transcending our own competitive particularity. In coming to understand anything we are rejecting the facts as they are for us in favour of the facts as they are… In love, in virtue, in the pursuit of knowledge, and in the reception of the arts, we are doing this. Obviously this process can be described either as an enlargement of as a temporary annihilation of the self. But that is an old paradox; “he that loseth his life shall save it.”

CS Lewis, An Experiment in Criticism (Cambridge: University Press, 1969), p.138.