The Postmodernism Generator…

by Travis Pickell

My friend Drew showed this to me the other day but I was in the throws of finals so I have only gotten around to putting it on here today…

If any of you are either (a) into philosophy, (b) in graduate school, (c) interested in emerging church discussions, or (d) you just remember talking about postmodernism in high-school english class, you might find this website to be the most ridiculous thing you have ever seen

It is called the Postmodernism Generator… With the click of a button, it generates an essay on postmodern themes using nothing but overused, trite philosophy jargon combined with meaningless prefixes and/or suffixes. The funny thing is that you can read half-way through one of these without really knowing if it is gibberish or scholarly work!

Here are some examples of topics generated at random:

The Reality of Failure: Subdialectic Appropriation in the Works of Smith

The Capitalist Paradigm of Discourse and Sartreist Existentialism

The Neodialectic Paradigm of Consensus and Rationalism

Narratives of Economy: Neocultural Feminism in the Works of Joyce

Reinventing Constructivism: Subcultural Marxism and Neotextual Narrative

Hours of fun… I’m so glad I don’t have any classes to distract me from this thing.